Sino-NSH meets the filtration needs of various industries for various oil products and provides targeted solutions.

NSH-VFD Series

Insulation Oil Dehydration and Purification Solutions

NSH-VFD series is used for different power transformers and is suitable for all insulation oils. It is used to remove moisture, gasses, particulate matter, etc. Customized solutions are acceptable.

  • Brand Name:


  • Series:


  • Treating Oil:

    Insulation oil (Transformer oil)

  • Function:

    Dehydration, Degassing, Impurities-removal

  • Flow Rate:

    1800-18000 Liter/Hour

  • Power Supply:

    380VAC / 3Phase / 50Hz (or tailorable to yours)

  • Delivery Time:

    10 working days

  • Supply Ability:

    50 sets per month

  • General
  • Parameter
  • Extra Options

Under effect of heat and electric field, the exposure of insulation oil contained trace water, gas and particulate matters etc.
The use of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier (SINO-NSH VFD series) is necessary, which will help you maintain optimal oil cleanliness. Therefore, making the most use of your equipment to gain the highest and save your money.
Application of Transformer Oil Purifier
NSH VFD series is mainly used to improve the properties of insulation oil. It can remove trace water, gas, particulate matters etc. from the insulating oil effectively and rapidly so as to boost performance of transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, cable and capacitors which has insulation system. VFD series specialize in purifying branded oil, insulating oil of high voltage and super high voltage transformer. Additionally, it is suitable for treating low viscosity lubrication oil.

Description of Transformer Oil Purifier
  1. SINO-NSH-VF -- Single-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine
  2. SINO-NSH-VFD -- Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine 
  3. SINO-NSH-VFD-R -- Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification & Regeneration Machine
  4. SINO-NSH-VFD-A – Full-automatic Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine
SINO-NSH-VFD utilizes coacervation technology, coalescing technology, separating technology and refined purification technology. Comparing to SINO-NSH-VF, it adds ROOTS Vacuum system, second stage of separating system to improve the effect of purification. To remove free, soluble water, carbon, free and dissolved gases and particulate matters from insulating oil effectively and rapidly.
For the treatment of aging transformer oil and deteriorated transformer oil, we recommend SINO-NSH-VFD-R to regenerate them.
  1. Effective and efficient Dehydration(Degassing) System.
  2. High precision Filtering System.
  3. Powerful double stages Vacuum System.
  4. Electrical apparatus Controlling System.
  5. High quality components.
  6. Diverse design in the structures and functions.
  1. High efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Enhance the value of breakdown voltage greatly.
  3. Easy handling and maintenance.
  4. Online work.
  5. Lower maintenance and replacement expenses.
  6. Small size, light weight, low noise
  7. Various sizes and configurations (shield) available.

Oil Data Before & After Oil Purification Machine
Break Down Voltage kV 25 ≥75
Moisture Removal ppm 50-100 Up to < 3-5
Particle size (Filter Fineness) Micron Visible < 1
Gas Content % Vol./Vol. <10% < 0.1%
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Available Styles
1. Fixing station type, mobile type with four wheels and mobile type with trailer.
2. Normal appearance type, shelf-covering type and explosion-proof type.
3. Available in different color.

 Also named: Vacuum Dehydrator, Vacuum Purification System, Oil Degasification, Regeneration, Recycling

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