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Insulation Oil Purifier

Insulation oil purifier can remove trace water, gas, particulate matters etc. from the insulating oil effectively and rapidly so as to boost performance of transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, cable and capacitors.



Double-Stage High-Efficiency
Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification and Regeneration Plant

Model:  VFD-R

Also named: Vacuum Dehydrator, Vacuum Purification System, Oil Degasification, Regeneration, Recycling


Under effect of heat and electric field, the exposure of insulation oil not only contained trace water, gas, particulate matters, but also acid, sludges, pitches and dissociated carbon. 

The use of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification and Regeneration Plant (VFD-R) is necessary, which will help you maintain optimal oil cleanliness. Therefore, making the most use of your equipment to gain the highest and save your money.



Transformer Oil Regeneration is adapt to regenerate and activate the deteriorated transformer oil

It is capable of removing the moisture, gas and mechanical impurities as well as eliminating organic acid, sludges, pitches and dissociated carbon in the deteriorated transformer oil which are difficult to be removed by conventional oil purifier plants. After the treatment, the regenerated oil can met the required standard and life span of new insulation oil.

NSH provide worldwide commissioning and after-sales service.

 OIL SPEC (after treatment)?

  • Water:                          ≤ 5 PPM
  • Filter Fineness:            ≤ 5 µm (or ≤ 1 µm)
  •  Dielectric:                    ≥ 65kV~75kV
  •  Degassing:                  ≤ 0.1%

Adding VFD with regeneration device, the machine can also treat acid, sludges, carbon and remove color.
  •  Oil color:                                           better than L=0.5
  •  Acid Value:                                       ≤ 0.01 MgK0H/g
  •  Soluble Acid PH value:                    =5~7
  •  Dielectric loss tangent tg(90℃)% :   ≤0.002

  • Flow rate in L/H:                            600 ~ 18,000
  •  Vacuum range in Mpa:                 -0.092~-0.099
  •  Working pressure in Mpa:            ≤ 0.2
  •  Max vacuum range in Pa:            ≤ 5
  • Temperature range:                  45 ~80
** Operating voltage: 380 V (50 Hz), 380 V (60 Hz), 400 V (60 Hz), 415 V (50 Hz), 415 V (60 Hz), 220 V (60 Hz), 460 V (60 Hz), etc (customizable)
?** The heating power and total power are different with different capacity, please consult sales for more.

  • Dehydration (Degassing) System
  • Filtering System 
  • Regeneration System
  • Oil Heating System
  • Control panel
  • Vacuum pump & Roots pump, screw pump
  • Cooling System and Condensing System
  • Auto-control and Protection System
  • Base frame with caster wheels
  • Metallic enclosure cover on caster wheels
  • Metallic enclosure cover on single axletrailer
  • Base frame on double axle trailer
  • Metallic enclosure cover on double axletrailer
  • Metallic enclosure cover and operation room on double axle trailer

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