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Insulation Oil Purifier

Insulation oil purifier can remove trace water, gas, particulate matters etc. from the insulating oil effectively and rapidly so as to boost performance of transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, cable and capacitors.


Air Drying System-ADK


Working principle
Model ADK is able to dry by the method of pressure diversity (transformation adsorbing principium). When the air goes into the sub-zero refrigerator, most of the water vapor condenses to be ice water. The air is dried for the first time. And then it enters into the air drying filter, via a coloring silica gel, coming into the second drying process. The residual water is absorbed out through the filter and transported to the device which need dry air.
When the coloring silica gel saturates with water, the silica gel CoCl2 turns from blue to red. The silica gel requires replacement, in order to ensure that the outlet of the dry state. Dry the red silica gel to be blue. 


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